Baked New Weekly At “Hit And Operate: Musical Improv”

Aquarium – When it’s too blazing hot or too cold and windy to spend much time outside, check out the beautiful Dallas Aquarium for a fun temperature-controlled afternoon.

A nicely-designed, visually-appealing resource with interviews, reviews, and the musical news, this Minneapolis-based blog does a great job of covering it all. They’re good at posting clips of tv performances – if your favorite band performed on Jimmy Kimmel or Conan O’Brien last night, they’ll probably post the video clip here the next morning.

Sally Cohn – She was the only senior in the Top 12 hand whistling her way through Nick Cannon’s wife, Mariah Carey’s, song Heroes. What was annoying for me it was very difficult to hear Sally’s whistling over the loud instrumental music in the background. Sally had to hit some low notes that didn’t sound as good as her high notes. Nevertheless she got a great reception from the crowd and good feedback from the judges. I hope she makes it through, because I love her banter with the judges. Her talent is certainly different.

“EARLY AUTUMN” (Jo Stafford, No. 23, 1952): This song was composed in 1949 by Ralph Burns and Woody Herman with lyrics by Johnny Mercer, and it was a hit for Herman in the year it was written. Jo Stafford was a native of Coalinga, Calif., and her singing career spanned five decades — beginning with Tommy Dorsey’s orchestra in the late 1930s — and by the mid-1950s, she had achieved more worldwide record sales than any other female artist.

Let’s contrast the Queen’s behavior with that of Mame Dennis in the smash hamilton tour schedule (and film), “Mame.” In the depth of the depression, Mame, her family and staff are glum, decidedly in the dumps. Instead of canceling Christmas (like you-know-who) Mame sings “We need a little Christmas now”… and belts out a festive song while (at least momentarily) lightening that load for the people she loves, the people who know and serve her. In short, challenged though she is, she does what she can.

Car: When you’re listening to mobile audio, you get a good sense of what sounds good coming from your car audio subwoofers. It doesn’t just depend on how hard your car audio amplifiers are working, it also matters how many heads you turn as you cruise down the street. Plus, when you’re listening to music in your car audio, you are taking advantage of the perfect music listening opportunity.

What is more, she has carried it off. While self-appointed purists screamed in outrage when Bob Dylan stopped singing “Blowing in the Wind” and went electric, the public-at least that portion of the public that appreciates her music-has tended to trust her judgment, wherever she wanted to venture. And who knows when the adventure will end?

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