I bought a demesne and I wishing to employ it on my Virago Ec2 illustrate Deal Outpouring

When associating a demesne describe with a figurer, thither are 3 components that workplace unitedly:

  1. The recorder (This is where you bought the demesne figure).
  2. The DNS host. This host replies to DNS requests, and answer DNS names to IP reference.
  3. The IP of the waiter.

These 3 components identical much don’t arrive from the like trafficker (although, in many cases they do). You would buy a arena figure from one record-keeper, your DNS is hosted by individual else, and the host is hosted by another entity.

Let’s go feebleminded, and first with #3:

IP savoir-faire. You demand to shuffling surely that the IP accost of your waiter is still. This way that the IP accost (4 digits) don’t modify betwixt closedown of the waiter. In Virago EC2, this is called Pliant IP . and it is rattling chintzy (congener to EC2 instances), or it is unfreeze if your waiter is up all the meter.

DNS. You pauperism to suffer an report with a DNS serve. Virago has a DNS serving called itinerary 53. Otc vendors I urge are nearlyfreespeach.net, or dyndns.com. In a DNS help, you determine DNS records (typically A records or C records, but thither is more). If the world figure you bought is world.com, you wishing to deliver A records for the names: ‘orbit.com’ and ‘www.orbit.com’. Your DNS help volition springiness you the names of the figure servers, or their IP speech. Typically thither are more one servers which support apiece early.

Record-keeper. This is where you shuffling the connector ‘tween your demesne distinguish and the DNS waiter you birth an explanation with. Introduce thither the figure of the host you got from ‘2’.

answered Feb 17 ’11 at 14:29

It genuinely depends on your lotion. it looks ilk it generates pages that birth links with difficult coded host describe. You indigence to breakthrough a way (someway, thorugh the backend or approximately shape lodge) to secernate your web lotion to put model.com as the etymon speech, or use proportional URLs. Uri Nov 13 ’12 at 7:49

One of the presently (feb13) easiest solutions is to use www.arteccentrics.com AWS Route53. BUT it is not justify.

Make HOSTED Partition (enclose your arena, do NOT Admit www or you testament suffer a identical hard erroneousness to vestige – your recorder bequeath say that the DNS waiter refused to avow or something ilk that)

formerly you deliver through so, you leave be informed of the maestro and 3 striver dns servers that testament be victimized in your Record-keeper’s cast (update or make land). you can do this earlier or abaft the succeeding measure, but you Moldiness commute the nameservers at the recorder degree (godaddy, netsol, registro.br, etcetera).

distillery in ROUTE53, you mustiness detent on the lately created zona then GOTO Book SETS. you leave see 2 disc sets are already created, but you mustiness produce what is called an A book (speak immortalize). it is reasonably ego explanatory (therein showcase, it is likely a beneficial estimate to use www. prima, NOT good yourdomain.com). enclose your ec2 exemplify’s Pliable IP in the Measure box.

notation: you moldiness produce an A book for apiece subdomain you settle to produce (www.yourdomain.com, mysubd.yourdomain.com, easymail.yourdomain.com, etcetera, etcetera). the A records may head to dissimilar IPs, no problema.

you should be up and operative. you can accelerate the multiplication of the dns information, if you use opendns as your dns host (in mesh settings). goto opendns’s stash update paginate and you can commonly accelerate generation by request opendns to cast (review) its stash and baulk with beginning dns servers (the get-go ones to excogitate your changes at the Recorder degree).

or you can hold capable 48 hours for your local ISP’s dns servers to update (or for dns information to disseminate – many sysadmins are rather song most the stem, delight balk Evan Anderson on the discipline).

oh yea, and dont bury to gush your browser’s dns hoard (and/or OS’s hoard, contingent what you use).

MAR13: this is NOT, reiterate NOT a unblock answer. i mentation that it was role of my EC2 packet, but they care 50 cents a month for the serving, asset 50 cents for every billion queries capable one 1000000000. Mind!

im passably trusted that only pointing to your EC2 representatives pliant ip does NOT oeuvre without shape of your A RECORDS. the tutorial you cite seems to concur with this effect: Scarce render your land figure record-keeper with EveryDNSs demesne epithet servers, produce an EveryDNS history, add your demesne and make an A immortalize with your new associated EC2 illustration IP accost. tony gil Mar 7 ’13 at 16:05

All you pauperization to do is blue-pencil the district charge for the arena (this can commonly be through done a panel from the demesne reseller).

Gunpoint the introduction you care to the IP destination of your ec2 host.

www.orbit.com would pointedness w.x.y.z where w.x.y.z is the ip reference of your ec2 waiter.

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