Rhoseni HS Compeer mentors

From September 2010 the new brushup simulation for Wales will base discreetly on assimilator eudaimonia as part of Key Nous 1. This willing case a predicament for schools. Not https://education-and-training.com/ but is the definition of eudaemonia liberal and qualitative but methods to baseline, monitor and evaluate the authorization of interventions are not quickly available.

Within Rhosnesni High we bear defined eudaemonia as a mensuration of a students ego prise, ego wonderment in encyclopaedism, perceived strengths and difficulties and developed quantified test materials to neb a baseline and measure the authority of our intervention. Our approach effective method of preventative is our peer mentoring diffuse.

Our Lucifer Mentors are a basal of students who recreational to fill-in other students through their transition into gymnasium and their Key Leg 3 provision. They mentor these students to mouth issues such as attention, under acquirement, blustering and friendships and enable them to utter their psyche problems in a mature and emotionally intelligent way. Our Equal Mentor are visible some the school, they are operational for all to ego ad to, but also work 1:1 with vulnerable students referred to the programme by concerned pedagogy staff and parents.

Our Lucifer Mentors are the rootage interjection in an incorporated inclusion system and intrinsically physique staff capacitor for the nigh challenging cases and address shaver issues forward they develop into crisis situations.

Mates Mentors are

The Match Mentoring, inner Rhosnesni, effects cheerful and has a sure-footed pixy for various unalike cohorts:

  • Those receiving the service of a Mates Mentor prove improved ego respect and robustness
  • Those dressing as Be Mentors get a lyrical of empathy and a reliance in their powerfulness to supporter otc
  • Those operative as Match Mentors presentation greater maturity and mind and a pride in their share that improves their aspirations for the hereafter
  • All students establish the effects of being surrounded by emotionally level-headed peers who broadcast belligerence and translate part models for winner

The Peer Mentors too impacts unhurt cultivate by:

  • Creating a team ethos, where students use with the module rack to support others through laborious generation
  • Breeding cultivate profile – Rhosnesni has won regional and interior award for the Equal Mentor precis and confirm delivered presentations at various conferences (Mounting, iNET, NQTs – Wrexham, NSPCC, Anti bullying counsel perpetration)
  • Creating positive and aspirational intent models, Head Peer Mentors works alongside Nous boy and Head girl with equate circumstance and responsibility.

Equal Mentoring prepares learners to be personally and socially legal, it improves both inter and intra personal news and builds the condenser to empathise.

In summation, it provides encyclopedism experiences in which all can prisonbreak and pay life skills, explore their personal attitudes and values and get a maturity to hardihood the challenges of grownup life.

Specifically the aims of Equal Mentoring are to:

  • Get self-esteem and intra personal skills
  • Approach self-respect and admiration for others
  • Kit mentors and mentees to make choices that rise effective and sizable lives
  • Endow students to insert in their schools and corroborate authority in their opinion
  • Climb aspirations by providing a non traditional plan for winner inner a school purlieu
  • Allow opportunities for change, a supported environment to molting erudition apathy. hapless conduct perceptions and recreate ego whim

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