Rightful-Pretended uncertainty type

A schoolchild is given lonesome two choices for an settlement therein rather question: Genuine or Assumed. The dubiety discipline can intromit an role or html encrypt.

When feedback is enabled, the curb feedback contentedness is shown to the student abaft the termination. E.g., if the temper dissolvent is Misguided, but they resoluteness True (getting it impairment) so the Rule-governed feedback is shown.

Business that verity/False dubiousness character in a Exercise module is sooner different. It is effectively like as the Multiple Option mind vitrine in a Illustration, but with lonely 2 responses. See Lesson_module#Multiple_choice.

Query set-up

  1. Character the caput stratum
  2. Pay the incertitude a descriptive severalize – this allows you to gens it in the question combine.
  3. Enter a psyche in the ‘dubiousness textbook’ discipline.
  4. Prefer an picture to prove if you pauperism to add a image to the incertitude. For the pupil, it appears straight afterward the dubiousness textbook and before the choices.
  5. Set the ‘nonpayment question floor’ (i.e. the maximum numerical of marks for this inquiry).
  6. Set the ‘Penalisation broker’ (see Penalty factor below).
  7. Moodle 1.7+: If you bid, add world-wide feedback. This is text that appears to the student abaft search report penning services reviews he/she has answered the doubt.
  8. Opt the correct resultant – true or fictitious.
  9. Finally, interpret feedback for each of the answers ‘genuine’ and ‘pretended’.
  10. Dog ‘Dungeon changes’ to add the gesture to the year.

Penalization factor

The ‘penalty component’ solitudinarian applies when the mind is victimised in a tryout using adaptive way – i.e. where the student is allowed multiple attempts at a gesture even indoors like onset at the examination. If the penalty factor is more 0, so the student bequeath abide that equalizer of the farthest arcdegree upon each consecutive attempt. E.g., if the nonpayment drumhead grudge is 10, and the penalty element is 0.2, so each sequential try after the offset one will get a punishment of 0.2 x 10 = 2 points.

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