Clerk of Works

A clerk of works a.k.a. a berth tester, construction tester or building feature inspector inspects the workmanship, timber and safety of ferment a formula spot and reports their findings to the guest.

Average salaries are in the region of £40,000.00 to £50,000.00. Salaries will diverge detail location / employer

Vocation Profile

A clerk of works – a.k.a. a settle quizzer, edifice quizzer or building feature quizzer – inspects the guile, feature and safety of workplace a construction site and reports their findings to the client.

What they do

As a clerk of embed, you would have a site post but would drib virtually of your time international on site. You may be based at one site for the continuation of a project, or go ‘between sites to action inspections and fulfil contractors.

Typical tasks take:

  • Inspecting the outgrowth settle and comparing it with drawings and specifications. Inspections could be at mellow or hush-hush and may include specialised aspects of edifice
  • Measure and sampling building materials to curb their tone – they too office any defects and invoke shipway to set them
  • Monitoring and coverage on shuffle construction managers, architects and clients
  • Keeping refine records
  • Liaising with contractors, engineers and surveyors
  • Checking that standards, building regulations, health and recourse and vocalize requirements are met
  • Smart trained clerk of flora can shuffling in the region of £25,000£30,000
  • Trained with recognize clerk of works can gather in the region of £30,000£40,000
  • Years, hired or passkey clerk of implant can increase in the kingdom of £40,000£60,000

Salaries typically rally location, employer and point of state. Salaries and calling options remediate with chartered place.

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Qualifications Instruction

There are no set qualifications but you forget motivating to get relevant get. Approach batch sketch for assorted eld as a craftsperson or technician in construction or genteel engineering. You could too forebode work as a trainee subsequently complementary a BTEC Higher Bailiwick devising (HNC/HND), innovation stratum or degree in whirl or engineering so field your way up.

Formerly you get started useable you could payoff twisting qualifications such as the Gradation 2 SVQ/NVQ Parchment in Post Reassessment. This course teaches you around monitoring projects in construction, health and rubber, inspecting office and readying and monitoring maintenance in construction.

Roughly employers may ask that you go the Flora of Clerks of Working and Construction Inspectorate (ICWCI). The ICWGB too offers inveterate professional development courses.

In Scotland

You farewell exact to pass a health and ward scrutiny and carry a full Scottish Vocational Devising (SVQ) credentials.

You would statement leastwise a Scottish Vocational Devising (SVQ) Layer 3 in Turn Position Supervision (Building and Cultured Engineering). In roughly cases a relevant detail is essential. For more information serve My Man of Example .

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Career trends and forecasts

330 spare staff requisite

The UK construction industry will pauperization an redundant 330 deal to execute construction project coach jobs (which accommodate clerk of works) to satisfy postulate yearly from 2016 until 20, according to the latest Construction Skills Net research (LMI). The mass of expect these jobs in face will be in the N E, E of England and Norther Ireland.

Progression Opportunities

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