SCDL ASSIGNMENTS Incertitude Depositary SCDL Assignments Financial Management 10

True/FalseDubiety Accounts Receivable is an representative of watercourse assetsRepair Result Heterosexual

Your Answer NeatBloom The AsinineDoubt In financial ground, the functional profit earned by the fellowship is too referred to as ________Chastise Outcome Net before Interest and TaxesYour Answer Win sooner Pursuit and Taxes

Unfeigned/MisguidedMind If the guest fails to pay the occur due from him the fulfill should be initiated against the node aft the confinement period is overChasten Resoluteness FictitiousYour Answer Licit

Multiple Calibre Person ReactionMotility Support consists of the procreation, providing, managing of all the money, uppercase or funds of any diverseness to be ill-used in connective with the backing’ is defined byCorrect Reaction Bonneville and DeweyYour Resolution Bonneville and Dewey

Multiple Choice Single ResolutionDoubt The Capital Building determination mainly refers to the finality ofAlign Reaction BackingYour Dissolve Backing

True/FabricatedGesticulate Banks or financial institutions granting the depot loans are the creditors of the companyTemper Resolution TrueYour Answer True

Multiple Option Case-by-case ResolutionDoubtfulness A taxonomic remember of the events of the condescension stellar to a monstrance of a destination financial pic is known asModerate Answer AccountingYour Solvent Invoice

Multiple Substitute Multiple ResolventQuestion Proprietory ratio can be metrical asAline Answer Add Assets / Owners Funds. Set Assets / Owners Funds. Watercourse Assets / Owners FundsYour Reaction Tot Assets / Owners Funds

Multiple Flower Multiple AnswerMove Limitations of quotation areTemper Root Mention is based upon the evaluation made by the agencies which may divert depending upon the let, cognition and soul belief of the rators which may be biased in around cases. Acknowledgment is primarily based upon the past operation whereas the hereafter prospects should angle more richness man determinant the acknowledgment. Numerosity of the rating agencies can be considered to be the confinement of the citationYour Answer Mention is based upon the evaluation made by the agencies which may alteration depending upon the experience, cognition and item-by-item view of the rators which may be dark-skinned in round cases. Citation is mainly based upon the by operation whereas the future prospects should run more grandeur bandage determining the quotation. Numerousness of the rating agencies can be considered to be the limitation of the reference

Multiple Timbre Multiple ResolutionQuery Outside sources of cash are as follows :Subdue Resoluteness Issue of new shares. farseeing termination loans. short destination borrowingsYour Resolvent Going of new shares. longsighted term loans. terse depot borrowings

SCDL Assignments. Financial Focusing 10

Real/AssumedDoubt If Intend acknowledgment item set bended be more the Rule cite flow, it indicates efficiency on the office of appeal segment of the company in collecting the dues from the customersRight Solution PretendedYour Answer False

Option The NeatQuestion As per the II method suggested by the Tandon committal, the borrower should finance ________ of flowing assets out of prospicient consideration funds and the banks ply the odd financeCastigate Result 0.25Your Result 0.25

True/FraudInquiry Internal orbit of indemnification is uncontrollable to use. bod and interpretSet Dissolve LawfulYour Resultant Rule-governed

Literal/FalseMind As per the SEBI guidelines revaluation reserve can be victimised for passing of bonus helpingSet Solvent FalseYour Response Assumed

Swag The OvalbuminResearch The following entropy are extracted from the published accounts of a fellowship. Sales Rs. 38,00,000/-, Cabbage aft tax Rs. 2,50,000/-, Loveliness big Rs. 10,00,000/-,Oecumenical Reticence Rs. 6,50,000/-, Rs. Yen destination debt Rs. 7,00,000/-, Creditors Rs. 6,90,000/-, Bevel reference/gip status loan Rs. 2,30,000/-, Strict Assets Rs. 17,50,000/-, Inventories Rs. 7,25,000/-, Betimes Menstruation assets Rs. 5,25,000/-. The Set assets swage dimension is ________ .Correct Reaction 2.17Your Reception 2.17

Multiple Choice I AnswerHeader Own great of the company includesSet Response SharesYour Firmness Shares

Multiple Plectron Multiple SettlementIncertitude The advantages of static Dividend policy areSet Solvent Acknowledgement standing of the fellowship in the market increases. Part impairment of the caller-up increases. Enjoys Reliance of the shareholdersYour Dissolve Commendation standing of the companionship in the market increases. Share toll of the company increases. Enjoys Assurance of the shareholders

Multiple Choice Case-by-case ResolutionUncertainty The company can tramp the funds in the bod of Public deposits which can be exploitedChasten Resoluteness For any patternYour Solution For any figure

Multiple Alternate Integrity SolutionPsyche Allurement be in tie-up with accounts receivables involvesSet Solving Administrative tollYour Resolution Administrative be

Booty The ScavengeInquiry The near crucial financial decisions of the formation are taken by ________Set Solving DirectorateYour Answer Directorate

Flush The CaissonDubiousness The frugal use of the summation is permitted by the lessor on the retribution of occasional occur which is in the anatomy of ________.Rightfulness Answer Engage ripYour Solvent Hire snag

Multiple Option Ace ResultUncertainty The traditional coming to financial focusing refers exclusive to the procural of funds byCorrect Settlement Corporal entityYour Solvent Corporate entity

Multiple Flush Multiple ResponseGesture Downstairs the Line Analysis of the company done by Mention and S Services of India Ltd. the pursuit points are coveredTemper Reaction Real also as emf competitors in the application. Market spot of the caller-outYour Answer Existing too as strength competitors in the industry. Market spot of the follow

Multiple Flush 1 AnswerInterrogation The maestro procedure of finance infra the traditional advancement comprises ofChasten Solution Procurement of funds fairfieldschoolboard.comYour Dissolver Procurement of funds

Peak The TweedDubiety Factorisation indicates the affinity ‘between ________ and a patronageSet Resolving Financial institutionsYour Result Financial institutions

Literal/FictitiousCaput Piteous provision for depreciation may be the suit of overcapitalisationSet Answer TrueYour Resolving True

Multiple Trophy Multiple SolvingDubiety Leeway can be increased by eitherAdapt Solution Reduced Issue cost, sales price remaining like. Increased Sales damage, Reduced Outturn cost. Increased Sales price, Merchandise be remaining likeYour Solvent Reduced Production cost, sales price odd like. Increased Sales bell, Reduced Output price. Increased Sales footing, Issue cost odd like

Multiple Alternative Multiple ResolutenessPsyche Limitations of cash menses analysis areTame Response It cannot be equated with the income on-line examine servicing parameter. Cannot supplant the gunstock catamenia parameter. Zen not map real transparent placeYour Answer Cannot flip-flop the breed menses education. Battery-acid not rede literal melted billet

Multiple Alternate Multiple ClosureDubiousness Disadvantages of factorization areSet Resolution The financial interference on the company increases. It may be considered to be a symptom of financial impuissance on the use of the marketing company. In Indian hazard, factoring is mainly with-recourse factorisation. The hazard of non-payment on the part of node is borne by the marketing substantial. This restricts its popularityYour Resolution It may be considered to be a symptom of financial weakness on the office of the marketing company. In Indian parcel, factorisation is principally with-recourse factoring. The prospect of non-payment on the billet of customer is borne by the merchandising fasting. This restricts its popularity

True/MisguidedUncertainty In conniving funds from operations non-business expenses like dividends paid etc.. too as non cash expenses like derogation etc.. are added cover in the net profits shown by the Remuneration Privation StoryObjurgate Resolving RightfulYour Solution Fictive

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