The Trump and Pip of Humanoid App Pattern

By Ryan Whitwam on Feb. 29, 2012 at 9 a.m.

Humanoid app pattern is undergoing a renaissance compensate now, but not all apps are upcoming on for the tantalise.

If you review barely a class around, Humanoid applications were ofttimes somewhat untempting. Thither was no cohesive excogitation aesthetical, and petty in the way of examples for designers to employment from. In late months, Google has open the Humanoid Conception locate, redesigned Humanoid in reading 4.0, and about truly beautiful apps are rootage to look.

The program mightiness hush bear a way to go, but things are sounding up for what was erstwhile the frightful duckling of nomadic operational systems. Let’s takings a consider about of the apps with the outdo interface, and a few that urgently want about sour.

The Scoop Figure

Astrid. The kerfuffle trough Astrid has been on Humanoid for ages, and has foregone done a act of UI refreshes. Although it’s ne’er been a especially well-favoured app, that changed with its about late ICS-inspired redesign. Astrid is now not solitary gorgeous, but it is reproducible with the new Humanoid designing guidelines.

The UI is preponderantly ovalbumin, and reminds us a lilliputian of Gmail in Humanoid 4.0. Up at the top is a right enforced Fulfil Bar with the “action overflow” fare release. The almost significant items are persistently on the Activity bar, though. The sink at the top is handy for ever-changing the scene manner, which is likewise uniform with the new Humanoid innovation guidelines.

The buttons that seem at the freighter of the sieve when adding a new project are scavenge, and just establish the requisite options. When you want to designate specifics for a project, the redaction blind applies the like heavy eye for conception with a hurt Execute Bar populated with the veracious options and ICS-style columns.

Mass similar to spout around how Any.DO is a well-designed covering, and we’d concur. But Astrid is now well as attractive, and the UI is more coherent with ICS. We likewise breakthrough it easier to use.

Chromium-plate Beta. Google’s new Chromium-plate Beta for Humanoid is a outstanding browser with a big port. Chromium-plate deeds inside a figure of Humanoid invention guidelines, and manages to be super-fast piece doing it.

The intact UI is smart and scavenge with bluing accents. Chromium-plate has basically interpreted the Accomplish Bar, and re-purposed it into the direct bar. Thither is an Omnibox study, tab ikon, and a carte release. The minimalist UI looks impudent, and the carte release pulls up the requisite options without requiring the exploiter to honkytonk into the total settings varlet.

The tab direction port is the former innovation exuberate of annotation in Chromium-plate. Unfold pages are shown as a heap of cards that can be spread-out out, dragged approximately, and swiped outside. If you’ve got Incognito Tabs surface, those are shown in a furcate smokestack that you hook ended to. When you’re looking a webpage, the nobble machinist comes rachis in as an boundary gesticulate. Upright abstract from the butt of the cover, and you can permutation tabs eventide quicker.

Chromium-plate Beta for Humanoid is barely a real well-dwsigned app that we trust testament cheer early developers to get on-board with the new Humanoid pattern doctrine.

Evernote. When Evernote debuted on Humanoid, it was reasonably terrible-looking. It ill-used that old Humanoid invention aesthetical of — fountainhead, no invention. We’re talk roughly raw schoolbook boxes dangling in a apartment melanise ground. It was bad, but the newer Evernote designs are actually rather full.

Piece Evernote hasn’t gotten on-board the ICS conception prepare, it has a goodness feeling of its own that adopts about of the outflank parts of Humanoid app conception. The master cover in Evernote uses a gridiron of icons to connection you to the assorted parts of the app. We alike that this is not but operational, but attractive. The icons are shrill and cohesive with the Evernote-green coloration outline victimised end-to-end the app.

The top of the UI has the beginnings of an Accomplish bar with buttons that modification contingent the setting in the app. This organization can get a footling perplexing when showing an somebody bill as it has its own redaction carte drop. Calm, everything is esthetically pleasing.

The way redaction is handled should be famed besides. The ample format tools are natation barely supra the keyboard in a scrollable bar. All the fare options and rubric bar contented goes forth to economize distance when redaction. If Evernote stirred a niggling more toward the ICS Activity Bar it would resolve approximately of the fare discombobulation, but it’s a great-looking app as is.

Reddionic. We beginning talked around Reddionic a few weeks ago when it was a new minted beta. This is a Reddit app with a very orca port that follows the Humanoid 4.0 invention guidelines in nigh places. But the kickoff matter well-nigh users leave observation is that Reddionic is fabulously antiphonal.

Hither we birth an Activity Bar, big icons linking to diverse areas of the app, and an unpretentious yet cohesive colouration schema. In gain to the Execute Bar, Reddionic has adoptive the ICS estimation of swiping to actuate ‘tween columns. This app lays out your elect sub-Reddits in columns, and you can pilfer from face to english to see all of them. It likewise imitates the telling pull-down in the app to fling an loose way to jumping to a especial sub-Reddit.

The but berth we flavor that this fast-evolving app inevitably roughly study is in the arena of exploiter feedback to presses. Thither are about buttons that we would wish to see demoralise, or highlighting when pressed. Boilersuit, Reddionic is a positively adorable app.

Google Docs. Ultimately, Google updated its papers editor app with a new interface and features. Not alone is the UI worlds improve, but Google manged to micturate the necessary features so often easier to devil. This app has bygone from a border unserviceable reconsideration, to a enceinte way to delete documents on the go.

The splasher subdivision of the app uses the epitome of gravid icons to nexus you to the several parts of the app. Up top is an Accomplish Bar that offers an light way to variety accounts and hunting. When you outdoors a papers, everything is smarmy quiet now. You can curl approximately, and tap anywhere to get redaction on the fly. The Fulfil Bar in redaction mood conspicuously displays the new “Add collaborators” procedure.

In late versions of Docs, what picayune thither was in the way of format was backbreaking to use. In the new update, the Fulfill Bar page morphs into a cock bar with all the options you could e’er pauperism. We too truly similar that it know updates the papers as others are operative thereon, and level shows where former cursors are. It’s lots more same the background port there.

Bad Pattern

Netflix on phones. We similar having a Netflix app, which was painfully wanting for bye-bye, but the app’s invention on phones could use a major modernize. The integral port feels slow in the Netflix app. That’s of special pertain hither because thither is oftentimes no feedback from presses; it’s backbreaking to secern if your imperativeness was not detected, or the app is fair organism specially sluggish.

The tabs crosswise the top of the sieve are through in the old Froyo-style, and none of the buttons or arrows use any Humanoid designs. We’re besides perpetually disconnected by the ended want of a fare clit. No settings, no long-press options, no litigate bar, and someway, no landscape style chiefly app. It’s similar an app intentional to be as generic (and inconvenient) as potential.

Flush the scrolling acts strange on Humanoid. When you hit the top of a lean, the radiance brio is hypothetical to be at the top of the scrollable are, and it is in well-nigh apps. In Netflix, for whatsoever reasonableness, the luminescence comes from the top of the app, away the scrollable are. Netflix on tablets has been cleaned up importantly, as we’d ilk to see a review of the call now also.

Spotify. The Humanoid Spotify app got a pocket-sized ocular update a few months ago, but it’s calm lamentably bottom the multiplication. When you afford the app, you’re dumped into the inexplicable playlist sieve. The Library domain at the top of the screenland offers several unavailing shipway of lumping your local medicine collectively Spotify tracks, and the case-by-case playlists kill beneath are a painfulness to care. Well-nigh of the playlist options are obscure backside a long-press with no substitute method of accessing them, and no denotation that’s what you’re divinatory to do.

You pilot to the versatile areas of the app with the merchantman tabs, which is antithetic to Humanoid designing evening ahead ICS — tabs go at the top on Humanoid, and perpetually bear. Thither is a pull-in medicine actor windowpane, which isn’t unheard of. Winamp does this rather swell, but Spotify moves various requisite functions, same recur controls, into the fare instead than having buttons.

The total app is besides scarce too dense, and tends to recede your situation in playlists astern organism paused for more a few proceedings. This doesn’t equitable want about ICS-style updates, it inevitably a tally redesign.

WeatherBug. The WeatherBug app has plentitude of features, yes, but it certain is slimy. For starters, everything is blueness. The port besides relies on rounded, sheeny buttons Thither are multiplication when Endure bug skips the buttons completely, expecting you to fair cognize what UI elements to tap on for respective entropy.

It has approximately unimpressive modulation animations, but sole in around places. When you variety tabs, there’s cypher. The tabs themselves are panoplied crossways the merchantman, a no-no on Humanoid. WeatherBug too exits when you wardrobe the binding clitoris. It doesn’t subject if you’ve departed done respective hierarchal screens in the app — it invariably exits in crystalize contradiction of Android’s figure guidelines.

We’re glad to see lots of top apps acquiring punter UI pattern, and Icecream Sandwich seems to be spur that on. By freehanded developers around guidance with Holo and the Humanoid Pattern situation, devs are implementing things similar the Fulfill Bar, swiping, and cleanser layouts. Alas, around apps aren’t climax on for the rally yet. Hopefully the top level of Humanoid apps retain to get prettier as metre goes on.

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