Ti FluidMaturation Surroundings

We cover twist and OS compatibility. You chassis fat indigen apps.

Appcelerator Ti An out-of-doors, extensile evolution surround for creating beautiful indigen apps crosswise dissimilar nomadic devices and OSs including iOS, Humanoid, and BlackBerry, also as loanblend and HTML5. It includes an afford germ SDK with terminated 5,000 gimmick and wandering os APIs, Studio ios 7 ipad app design template. a herculean Eclipse-based IDE, Debase. an MVC model and Mottle Services for a ready-to-use fluid backend.

Search the SDK

Produce deep indigen iOS, Humanoid, loanblend, and nomadic web apps from a 1 JavaScript-based SDK.

More Roughly Studio

An Eclipse-based incorporate maturation surroundings (IDE) that simplifies the growing operation.

Compose Less Cypher

Effective codification modules to thin sentence from zero-to-app. Compose less cipher. Make scalable apps.

70,000+ Roving Applications

Ti is the stellar wandering growth surroundings of quality for hundreds of thousands of developers. With more 76,000 fluid applications deployed on 280,000,000 devices, the award-winning Ti environs helps organizations devil commercialise 60% quicker and attain a substantial private-enterprise reward.

Almost 70-80% of our encipher can be reused crosswise apps. That saves us much of meter and lots of acquisition. It’s rattling heavy to get unlike aboriginal skills and cartel them in one squad, but it is relatively sluttish to develop multitude in JavaScript.

Marijn Deurloo,
CEO, imgZine

Simplifying developing
with a individual cipher foundation

Apace habitus, run, software and write roving apps exploitation lonesome JavaScript and a individual codification stand. Now, developers with web growth skills can directly physique deep, indigene peregrine apps. You no thirster pauperization to oversee multiple developer toolkits, languages and methodologies.

We evaluated various nomadic ontogenesis environments and speedily identified Ti as the scoop resolution for our necessarily. With Ti, we were capable to get our apps to commercialize promptly and easy caravan new developers on the environs as we maturate Ross Tuffee,
Co-Founder of DOGFI.SH Nomadic

Key Features

  1. Outdoors rootage JavaScript-based SDK with o’er 5,000 APIs for iOS, Humanoid, Windows, Blackberry and HTML5
  2. Appcelerator Debase MVC fabric
  3. Incorporate nomadic backend as a avail (MBaaS)
  4. Incorporated with Appcelerator’s outdoors Market

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