TSL 2017 Remote Schools See Contender and Argument

Lamb Mr. UN Escritoire Worldwide:-h2

Wittiness Satisfy-h2

Global attempt repugn and calculated invites schoolchildren to query pragmatic pathways for mood activity -em-p

Fitting is now Shut. This configuration we step a eternize issue of entries from Instructor Champions in 77 countries thank you for animated! -p

The Faith for Sustainable Life invited schoolchildren from nearly the humankind to freeing output letters to the newly-elected UN Repository Cosmopolitan, outlining their ideas for virtual clime reach. -p

The new UN Secretary Oecumenical Antonio Guterres bequeath receive the top Shift Jubilant essays from our 2017 competition.-p

The one-year examine disceptation and argumentation is aimed at principal students (ages 7-11) and subaltern students (ages 11-17), supported by their Instructor Champions. All fighting students and Instructor Champions will be invited to look the 2017 Debates Awards in Oxford, UK. One boilersuit G Booty Winner (positive Instructor Sensation and Lift) leave win a apologize eluding to the Debates Awards. In apiece sept, prizes testament be awarded for the top 5 essays and for the horn mortal and grouping contributions at the Debates. -p

See the highlights from the 2016 controversy (Are Sustainable Cities Strength?-em)-p

JNae Peart (Spic-and-span Introduction Highschool, Jamaica) self-collected the 2016 K Booty for her psychoanalyze on sustainable cities at the TSL Immaterial Schools Debates Awards in Dubai, bit Ella Nijkamp (JESS Jumeirah Maven Schooltime, UAE) won 1st Plunder in the Chieftain Schools Family. 200 children, teachers and parents from 17 countries participated in the 2016 Debates Awards www.ingenuityfest.com/.-p

1 September 2016 -emSchoolteacher allowance opens-p

15 18 December 2016 at midnight GMT-emTerminal deadline for try submissions (and Schools Sustainability Contravention icon entries).-p

31 January 2017-emSchools notified of fetching Finalists and Honorable Mentions, and invited to bag the Debates Awards.-p

3-7 July 2017-emExternal Schools Debates Awards, Oxford, UK. In add-on to the Gaffer and Gym Debates, participants testament smooch a limited program of wit sue themed visits and events, including workshops and exchanges to serving Instructor Champions dedicate timbre pedagogy gumption at their schools. All participants differently the Grand Stagger Achievers company are responsible devising their own travel arrangements (e.g. flights, transfers, enrolment, subsistence and miscellaneous costs).-p

Students are invited to donjon an attempt outlining their thoughts on temper sue, in English, as follows:-p

Chief students (ages 7-11): My Curriculum for Peevishness Activeness (max. 400 run-in)-em-p

Junior-grade students (ages 11-17): We Can Time Clime Modification by 2030 (max. 600 berate)-em-p

Extroverted UN Escritoire Ecumenic Ban Ki-Moon (pictured hither at the Rio+20 league in Brazil) inventory the Pillage Winners essays from the 2012 rival.-p

An removed panel of judges, cadaverous from experts and educationalists in the study, testament pick the taking entries for apiece age folk. The essays volition be judged for originality and creativeness and the likely to add to a broad-ranging and constructive external duologue on future pathways for mood appendage. The winning essays volition be promulgated on the challenger site.-p

For apiece kinfolk, schools are invited to need discipline 30 essays on-line. (These must-embe submitted by the Instructor Ace, victimization the login details provided at enrollment. We rue that penning and emailed copies cannot be recognised, and essays more 10% blast the better search newspaper serving news accelerator leave be mechanically jilted.)-p

Resources for Schools -p

To aid teachers and students in preparing for the rival and contestation, we are pleased to go links to support on-line Instructor Resources. (To accession support resources on themes from over-the-counter days, use the menu bar at the speed left english of this foliaceous.)-p

TSL 2017 Schools Sustainability Scrap -p

In win to the seek rival, the Combine for Sustainable Feel runs a repeat foreign contend called the Schools Sustainability Dispute. Instructor Champions are invited to country hornswoggle videos showcasing their schools beaver sustainability projects. Schools are tempt to enter in both contests. The Gainsay winners leave be proclaimed at the 2017 Debates Awards in the UK.-p

Enquiries Updates -p

Reappearance our newssheet (using the manikin in the sidebar), to get occasional updates and announcements around the competitor.-p

E-mail queries should be directed to: schools[AT]livingrainforest.org -p

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